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Woman on exercise ballYour body’s musculoskeletal system provides mobility and balance, but sometimes an accident, injury, or the rigor of daily life takes a toll, and your system ends up out of balance. Dr. Faranak Taheri of My Chiropractic Doctor helps restore your spine, muscles, and nervous system to a natural, balanced state. Don’t tolerate aches or loss of mobility. Call the offices in Vienna, Virginia today for an appointment and to learn what chiropractic rehabilitation can offer you.

Rehab Q & A

What’s chiropractic rehabilitation?
Accident, injury, and day-to-day life may cause muscle tensions and spinal misalignment. While aches in problem areas are an immediate concern, the underlying imbalances and misalignments may have a more chronic effect on many body systems. These problems affect the nervous system’s ability to communicate with locations and systems in the body. And without proper communication, the body’s natural repair processes may not function efficiently. Chiropractic rehabilitation returns balance to the spine, pelvis, and soft tissue support systems. While short-term pain relief is usually accomplished in just a few treatments, full rehabilitation may take many months.

So chiropractic rehab goes beyond spinal manipulations?
Yes. Manipulation is certainly a core treatment, since it reduces pain, increases mobility, and improves the patient’s overall health. But without attention to muscles, for example, recurrent spinal misalignments are all but inevitable. Dr. Taheri counsels patients on exercises and stretches that rebuild muscular ability and help sustain proper body balance. In turn, spinal manipulations become more effective, and many patients find that they need them less as they regain musculoskeletal health.

Are there alternatives to the traditional “back cracking” treatments?
The sound of joint cavitation--the cracking sound that sometimes occurs during these manipulations--is favored by some patients and not by others. Though it’s normal and not harmful at all, there are a variety of options that don’t create pops and cracks. These often use instruments or low force adjustments and don’t trigger joint cavitation. Dr. Taheri uses the Impulse Adjusting Instrument® for effective treatment. Though some people equate a good crack with effective treatment, that’s not always the case. There doesn’t need to be a noise accompanying an effective adjustment. Similarly, patients who are uncomfortable with neck adjustments that involve rotation have options as well, where the neck remains straight through the adjustment. Not all chiropractic treatments involve spinal manipulation. Depending on the patient, Dr. Taheri may focus her attention on muscles and deep tissue release.

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