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Scoliosis Specialist

Scoliosis Specialist in ViennaScoliosis refers to a sideways or curve of the spine greater than 10 degrees, which probably won’t cause the patient any problems. However, when the angle reaches 20 degrees, problems may arise. Dr. Faranak Taheri of My Chiropractic Doctor in Tysons Corner, Virginia, offers non-surgical treatment of mild-to-moderate scoliosis. To find out if you’re a candidate for such treatment, call today for an appointment.

Scoliosis Q & A

Can a chiropractor cure scoliosis?

Though scoliosis cannot be cured, it can be treated. Chiropractic care can help, along with a regimen of muscle re-training, massages, and stretches. It’s important to get the right chiropractic care for scoliosis since the curved spine requires different adjustments than a healthy spine. Some chiropractors may not be trained specifically in scoliosis care. Regular chiropractic adjustments generally restore joint mobility; that’s not usually the issue for a scoliosis patient, whose joint mobility could be fine. It’s a matter of location, and this requires a mix of treatment between spine, muscles, and postural re-training.

How are scoliosis patients assessed?

To assess if a patient suffers from scoliosis, Dr. Taheri starts by checking the mobility of the vertebrae. She first addresses any spinal rigidity. Some theorize that scoliosis is associated with nerve tension. Whether it’s a cause remains uncertain, but relieving tension in the nerves helps the patient feel better, while simultaneously creating better chances for effective treatment. Next, Dr. Taheri tests for balance. These tests typically provide the data for measuring improvements. Then, she assesses the patient’s dedication. Successfully treating scoliosis requires faithfully following a treatment plan that includes breathing, stretches, and exercise that work together with chiropractic treatment to retrain the patient’s posture.

Can chiropractic care help a humpback condition?

Medically called kyphosis and characterized by an excessive forward curvature of the middle back, humpback is successfully treatable through chiropractic care. Brought on by poor posture, heredity, trauma, or disease, kyphosis may be accompanied by inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and reduced mobility. Depending on the cause and state of the patient’s condition, there are several treatment options. Typically, this involves a combination of manual-assisted, instrument-assisted spinal manipulation, and soft tissue therapy. Dr. Taheri is trained in the Graston technique, a manual therapy that uses instruments to treat deep soft tissue.


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