Tele-Health Visit Information

 As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, many aspects of our lives are changing in ways we couldn’t imagine. With stay-at-home orders and other safety measures in place, it’s important to follow good physical habits and routines in order to stay on track with your spinal health.

 Although we are currently OPEN on Monday & Thursdays, seeing patients (with 30 minutes gap, following all safety CDC guidelines) in need of an adjustment or are in pain and symptoms, We have implemented TELE-HEALTH visits for those that are not able to come in to the office! This will ensure keeping up with your care plan! Our Tele-health visit link is provided on the home page. 


What is a Tele-Health call when it comes to Chiropractic Care?

 TeleMedicine also known as TeleHealth or eVisits at My Chiropractic Doctor, are safe and convenient option for our patients to get not only peace of mind but to continue their progress and get better, without leaving their home. Tele health visit is an Insurance billable service just like an in office visit. Your benefits will be verified.

 Patients can use TeleMedicine options for many different issues and often we are the first virtual doctor visit they have had so they have many questions.


What is Covered during a Tele-health visit with the Doctor ?

  • Consultation
  • Range of Motion Evaluation and Assessment
  • Management Suggestions
  • Exercises ( Video's and documented notes will be emailed to you after the call)
  • Nutrition and Weight loss Planning
  • ADL Prescription, etc.


We hope that we answered a couple of questions here regarding tele-health visit but if you don’t see what you are looking for just call us and ask. 703-663-8808

If you need help and experiencing pain or discomfort feel free to call us, or submit an online request for an in-office appointment. However, if you are interested to request a tele-health visit to stay on track with your physical / spinal health care plan, Follow the steps :

1. STEP ONE – Schedule Your Appointment. First – reach out to us by phone 703-663-8808, or email ( ( [email protected]) and our Patient Services Director will ask you a couple questions to make sure the right amount of time is scheduled with you and your provider.


2. STEP TWO – Appointment is Confirmed -Our Patient Services Director will send you an email confirming your appointment.

  • New Patients you will receive all the necessary paperwork attached to your appointment confirmation. Some paperwork you will need to fill out before your appointment such as a HIPPA policy and Health History so your practitioner can review it before your eVisit. You can PDF and return email us or complete online.
  • Current Patients you may also receive some paperwork to fill out to update as well as consent form for the call, which will also be reviewed before your eVisit. Please fill out as completely as possible and return to us (fill out online or PDF and email back to us).


3. STEP THREE – Your Appointment Link is Sent to You. Once we receive your paperwork we will send you the link to your appointment. No download or software is needed, you do not need to set up an account. You just need the link in the email and you can start your appointment anywhere you are as long as you are on a device (iOS and Android) or computer that has a camera and microphone, at work, at home where ever you need to be – we will see you there. All data is private and secure, the data is 128 bit encrypted, and sessions are anonymous, no information is stored and is adhered to HIPPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements.


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